Track Title:               Nineteen Forever
Album Title:               Greatest Hits
Prime Artist:              Joe Jackson

Producer:                  Ed Roynesdal
Producer:                  Joe Jackson
Written by:                Joe Jackson

Sometimes I feel so alive
Sometimes I feel so clear
Just like the way we always were
So young and free from fear

I lose my fear of war and dying
And all the clouds just disappear
Only my mirror sees me crying
Each time I lose another year....

Wouldn't it be a drag to be like you
Settling down and having kids
And telling them what to do
Well I'm gonna stay... nineteen forever

We can do magic in these times
Be what we want to be
We'll all be rock 'n' roll stars
Immortal on TV

And if you see me getting tired
I've just been sleeping through the day
But I got something to keep me wired
So we can dance the night away

Wouldn't it be a drag to be like them
They're gonna sell out everything
But I won't be fooled again
Cause I'm gonna be... nineteen forever

You better believe it
You know my dream's still alive
You can love it or leave it
But I'm never gonna be thirty-five