Track Title:               Look At Me Now
Album Title:               Points on a Curve

Prime Artist:              Wang Chung

Producer:                  Chris Hughes
Producer:                  Ross Cullum
Written by:                Jack Hues

It's hard to recall how we were at school
                                                   Our ambitions and conditions
                                                   And our hopes for the future
                                             The teachers we had, our mums and our dads
                                                   Their decisions and revisions
                                                  And their hopes for the future

                                                       But look at me now
                                                     I cannot count the cost
                                                     Of all the friends I lost
                                                  And though my heart did break
                                                        Look at me now
                                                     I'm on the candle flame
                                                     I have a different name
                                                     I have your hand to take
                                                 But look at me now - and here I am

                                                I used to believe in an idea received
                                                   With concision, but derision
                                                     Was my natural reaction
                                              You cannot pretend that its all gonna end
                                                    In a second to be reckoned
                                                     Like a soldier in action

                                                        Repeat Chorus
                                                    Won't you look at me now