Track Title:               True Love
Album Title:               Points on a Curve
Prime Artist:              Wang Chung

Producer:                  Chris Hughes
Producer:                  Ross Cullum
Written by:                Nick Feldman
Written by:                Jack Hues

                                                True love is the answer to everything
                                                     True love is the answer
                                                      True love is the thing

                                               Long days spent on the edge of space oh
                                                Maybe someone will come along love
                                                 All day with every familiar face oh
                                                Tells me you're very very wrong love

                                                        Repeat Chorus

                                              This dance could never be true enough oh
                                              There's more that leads us to our destiny
                                               Entranced we travelled the two of us oh
                                          And I knew that only you could rest the world for me
                                                  I live deep in the heart of things
                                                    Feel such a part of things
                                                    That remind me of you love
                                               And I know whatever the future brings
                                                   Wherever the pointer swings
                                                  There will always be true love
                                                           You love

                                                        Repeat Chorus