Track Title:               If You Love Somebody Set Them On Fire

Album Title:               Metaphysical Graffiti
Prime Artist:              Dead Milkmen
Producer:                  Brian (Bongwizard) Beattie
You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I were to say to you
I didn't set your house on fire
But it's just the way I am
You'll have to take it for a fact
Life can really burn you up
When you're a pyromaniac
If you love somebody
Better set them on fire
I went to your house last night
Your dad called me the human torch
Got a little pissed at him
so I burned down your front porch
Now I feel a little bad
About pouring gas on your dad
But you know it's hard to quit
And besides he started it
I just bought a brand new lighter
And I cannot wait to use it
Oily rags are special  things
You know to me they're diamond rings
Maybe we can have some fun
Maybe we can burn someone