Track Title:               The Big Sleazy
Album Title:               Metaphysical Graffiti
Prime Artist:              Dead Milkmen

Producer:                  Brian (Bongwizard) Beattie
It's a long way to Anchorage
But that's where I7ll go with you
We'll travel so far, dear
To escape that morning zoo
I hate MMR I hate YSP
I do not like the Grateful Dead
So just don't talk to me
I hate MMR I hate YSP
You know that classic rock
Does not interest me
People are getting angry
Maybe just they should
Cause some of us can still remember
Back when XPN was good
Peeling's woo woo woo peelings
I hate what they done to XPN
Those folk Nazis ruined my favorite station
I hate what they done to XPN
If you hear it now it's just a pale immitation
Well it's brunch with the Beatles
A tribute to Billy Joel
Four hours of Doobie Brothers
And they call that rock and roll