Track Title:               Aja
Album Title:               Alive in America

Prime Artist:              Steely Dan
Written by:                Walter Becker
Written by:                Donald Fagan

 Up on the hill,
 People never stare,
 They just dont care,
 Chinese music under banyan trees
 Here at the dude ranch
 Above the sea,
 When all my dime dancin' is through
 I run to you
 Up on the hill,
 They've got time to burn,
 There's no return
 Double helix in the sky tonight
 Throw out the hardware, lets do it right,
 [big instru solo]
 Up on the hill
 They think I'm OK
 Or so they say
 Chinese music always sets me free
 Angular banjoes
 Sound good to me
 [another big solo instru]