Track Title:               Defeat You

Album Title:               Astro Lounge
Prime Artist:              Smashmouth
Producer:                  Eric Valentine
Written by:                Gregory Camp

Born is a human with a kung-fu spine
                    Equipped with a detector of whats on your mind
                    You jive you shuck you bob you weave
                    And when you're down you've got something up your sleeve
                    And you've got it good as bad as it gets
                    You make your own incisions that come with regrets
                    You're in it to win it and make every minute count
                    You put it all together and dish it out
                    Hey I know where you're from
                    It makes it that much nicer to meet you
                    Hey I know what you've done
                    It makes it that much better to defeat you
                    All that knowledge all those skills
                    All the gas it takes to get up top of the hill
                    And while the other try to take your spot
                    You wanna make them stop but you gotta make them stop
                    Would you do anything whatever it takes
                    Jacks in the road yeah fix the breaks
                    It the instinct that's got us locked up tight
                    And it's the madness that's keeping us up all night
                    It's what we are It's what we are It's what we are
                    Born is a human with mechanics to win
                    Born is machine with a human tucked in
                    You jive you shuck you jab you stick
                    You're calling out for help when it gets too thick
                    Your honor your honor its not me
                    It's the invisible visible evil powers that be
                    Untraceable insatiable having to feed
                    Yeah you cry when your wounded and you laugh when they bleed