Track Title:               Fallen Horses

Album Title:               Astro Lounge
Prime Artist:              Smashmouth
Keyboards:                 Michael Klooster

Producer:                  Eric Valentine
Written by:                Steve Harwell
Written by:                Michael Klooster
Written by:                Gregory Camp
Written by:                Paul DeLisle

Written by:                Kevin Coleman
A long summers day stetching out the cold
                    Searching for the answers and some say I'm not alone
                    Could you tell me where I might find fallen horses their spirits they fly
                    Blinded by the whiteness staring at the sun
                    I'm wishing that I had wings so that I could become one
                    Would you help me if I wanted to die I could ride off with horses tonight
                    Tell me why
                    Why oh why
                    I said why
                    Why oh why
                    Now that I've arrived here I know I'm not alone
                    All my friends among me tell me welcome home
                    But could you tell me where I might find the one I'm looking for cause her wings