Track Title:               Road Man
Album Title:               Astro Lounge
Prime Artist:              Smashmouth
Producer:                  Eric Valentine

Written by:                Gregory Camp

Road man driving in the road van
                    He's got to beat the clock to the next town
                    Road man driving in the road van
                    I set up the sound system for the band
                    Road man slow it down
                    And you will get there safe and sound
                    He says no no no the show must go on
                    Road man driving like a mad man
                    Breaking land speed records in the van
                    Road man he don't mind police man
                    Leaving a trail of ripped up citations
                    Road man heavy load
                    He's got to stop and smell the rose
                    Road man he says no go
                    I've got to be the king of the road
                    Road man didn't see the train man
                    Until it was too late to slow the van
                    Meanwhile the band is waiting for the Road man
                    Who was crushed by his beloved sound system