Track Title:               It's Not The Crime
Album Title:               Anthology - disc 2
Prime Artist:              Tower of Power

Vocal:                     Lenny Williams
Written by:                Emilio Castillo
Written by:                Stephen Kupka
From the Album:            Urban Renewal  1974 (A)

I broke the law last night committed a criminal and sexual act

          She was on top and in this state

          That's an immediate pop

          And though I didn't get caught

          I know in my mind

          I committed no crime, still by some fluke

          I might be servin' time

          It's not the crime and it's not the thought

          It's not the deed, it's if you get caught
          I got some friends who like to stay high

          think of the tax potential if it were legal to buy

          but instead of the heat is forced

          to bust on victimless crimes

          it's a low-class bust worth nickels and dimes
          think of all them powerful cats

          and how they got that way

          'cause they surely would not be there

          without the payoff game that's played

          and think what you would do if it it was you

          that was in their shoes

          you'd either play the game or else

          you'd lose, bad news

          it's not whose sold, it's not whose bought

          and it's not the kickback, it's if you get caught