Track Title:               Souled Out

Album Title:               Anthology - disc 2
Prime Artist:              Tower of Power
Vocal:                     Brent Carter
Written by:                Stephen Kupka

Written by:                Marlon McClain
Written by:                Emilio Castillo
From the Album:            Souled Out  1995 (A)

There's a place where everybody's goin to

          It's the place that's the place to be

          It's the scene where everybody wants to be seen

          If you choose to go and get your mind right, your body will follow

          You better be there way ahead of time or stand in line.

          Everybody's gonna be there

          They'll be party people everywhere

          'cause one thing you know for sure
          It's souled out

          It's souled out
          Late at night and the place will be bumpin

          So you better bring your dancin' shoes

          Cause there's gonna be some hot, funky rhythm and blues
          If you choose to go and make a statement

          That's not hard to swallow

          But there's gonna be some competition there

          So beware
          With alittle bit of soul now

          With some positive emotion

          And one thing you'll know for sure
          It's souled out

          It's souled out