Track Title:               The Soul Of A Child
Album Title:               Anthology - disc 2
Prime Artist:              Tower of Power

Vocal:                     Hubert Tubbs
Written by:                Emilio Castillo
Written by:                Stephen Kupka
Written by:                Bruce Conte

From the Album:            In The Slot  1975 (A)

There's nothing more real

          Than the soul of a child

          He's not yet spoiled by the game

          He sees everything for what it is

          Oh why does he have to grow up
          Shaped to be this or else

          He's shaped to be that

          Expected to be

          Right where a man should be at

          But where does it go when he grows up

          Where does it go, where does it go

          The soul of a child is beautiful

          So honest and free

          Before he's taught how to be
          The soul of a child is a fragile thing

          He's got no control of the forces

          That fashion and mold his young mind

          Will he be kind, will he be mean

          Well I guess that all remains to be seen

          As a child will he be wise

          Or perpetuate things

          That his parents hate
          The soul of a child