Track Title:               You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous

Album Title:               Anthology - disc 2
Prime Artist:              Tower of Power
Vocal:                     Hubert Tubbs
Written by:                Stephen Kupka

Written by:                Frank Biner
Written by:                Emilio Castillo
From the Album:            In The Slot  1975 (A)

I love the way that you walk

          The way that you talk

          Really knocks me out girl

          The clothes that you wear

          The style of your hair

          The way that you bear under

          All conditions

          You're mine all of the time
          You're so wonderful, so marvelous, girl

          You're everything to me

          And you're superfine

          I'm so glad you're mine

          You're fabulous to say the least

          I love the way that you smile

          Make my life seem worthwhilemake me oh so proud

          Oh the way that you wink

          The way that you think

          The way that you maintain under

          All conditions

          What a find, you're one of a kind
          I know

          You're so wonderful

          And i know you're so wonderful
          I know that you'll always be there

          'Cause I know that you care

          You're so understanding

          I know that you're willing to share

          You've always been more than fair

          You're my regular inspiration

          I love the way that you kiss

          And I know that we just can't miss
          (repeat twice)
          You're so wonderful, so marvelous,

          I love you, baby

          And you're superfine
You're truly wonderful You're marvelous You're everything to me You're super fine and i'm glad That you're mine ...