Track Title:               Kalendar
Album Title:               Sex & Food: The Best of TPOH
Prime Artist:              The Pursuit of Happiness
Written by:                Moe Berg

She was red-faced from booze
At mid-afternoon, let's say tea time
I had Earl Grey, she had cafe au lait
Real dweeb time
She had a full pack of smokes
I had cash from my folks, we were happenin'
I had to take my eyes off of her
Looked out the window, saw leaves
Start to fall
Saw the leaves, start to fall
She was all Betsy Johnson and M.A.C.
Over the top now
I was second-hand shirt and ripped jeans
Like all the boys in this town
They were playing Chet Baker
A coffee house standard if there was one
Everything was so beautiful
Especially watching the leaves