Track Title:               Happy Feelin'
Album Title:               The Eternal Dance (disc 1, 1971-1975)
Prime Artist:              Earth, Wind & Fire

Arranger:                  Earth, Wind & Fire
Arranger:                  Charles Stepney
Producer:                  Charles Stepney
Producer:                  Maurice White

Written by:                Verdine White

Written by:                Albert Philip McKay
Written by:                Philip Bailey  (P. James B.)
Written by:                Maurice White

Written by:                Larry Dunn  (Lorenzo Russell Dunn)
From the Album:            That's The Way Of The World  1975 (A)

Feelin, happy feelin' in the music
that we're giving, feel the power
of the hour, every moment, that
you're living...
Little babies, tell the story,
mother-nature, and its glory,
share the feelin, with your brother,
don't stop caring, one another...
There's a reason, that we pleasing,
what you're yearnin'
life's a burnin'...