Track Title:               Shine
Album Title:               The Early Years - Part 1, disc 1
Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald

Written by:                Lew Brown
Written by:                Cecil Mack
Written by:                Ford Dabney
Orchestra:                 Her Savoy Eight

"SHINE"  Words by Cecil Mack & Lew Brown.  Music by Ford Dabney. Copyright 1924.  Key Eb
VERSE: "Happy Jack - known around the town as "some" boot-black

Never worried tho' he worked like sin, had a grin guaranteed to bring the bus'ness in

Ev'ry day when they'd ask him how he got that way he would tell `em

"If you envy me, just try my recipe"
CHORUS: " Shine - away your blues-ies - Shine - start with your shoes-ies -

Shine each place up make it look like new, shine your face up wear a smile or two,

Shine  - your these and thos-ies - you'll find that everything will turn out fine,

Folks will shine up to ya, everyone will "howdy-do" ya,

You'll make the whole world shine"