Track Title:               If Dreams Come True
Album Title:               The Early Years - Part 1, disc 2
Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald

Lyrics by:                 Irving Mills
Music by:                  Edgar Sampson     (E.Melvin S.)
Music by:                  Benny Goodman     (Benjamin David G.)
Originally made famous by: Benny Goodman     (Benjamin David G.)
Orchestra:                 Chick Webb     (William Henry W.)

"IF DREAMS COME TRUE"   Lyrics.Irving Mills. Music. Edgar Sampson. Copyright 1934. Key Ab
"If dreams--------------------come true--------------I'll be with
I love -----------------that smile in your eyes
You seem------------- a dream in disguise
In your ----------------caress-------------there's hap--------pi-ness
And love -----------------in view----IF DREAMS--------------COME TRUE"