Track Title:               Bungalow In Quoque
Album Title:               Internet Contributor III - Frank Sinatra

Prime Artist:              Unknown
Lyrics by:                 Schuyler Greene
Music by:                  Jerome Kern   (J. David K.)
From the Show:             Very Good Eddie  1915 (S)

Sang by the characters of Percy and Elsie Darling

Oh, let us fly without delay
Into the country far away,
Where, free from all this care and strife,
We'll go and live the simple life.
How clear the voice of nature calls:
I'll go and get some overalls,
Get a last year's almanac
To read at night when things are slack:

Let's build a little bungalow in Quogue
In Yaphank or in Hicksville or Patchogue.
Where we can sniff the scented breeze,
And pluck tomatoes from the trees,
Where there is room to exercise the dog.
How pleasant it will be through life to jog
With Bill the bull and Hildebrand the hog:
Each morn will waken from our doze,
When Reginald, the rooster, crows,
Down in our little bungalow in Quogue.

[Elsie And Percy Darling]
Let's build a little bungalow in Quogue.
In Yaphank or in Hiscksville or Patchogue.
If life should tend to be a bore,
We'll call on Farmer Brown next door
And get an earful of his dialogue.
When winter comes and brings the snow and fog
We'll fortify our systems with hot grog:
And listen, when the nights are still,
To Wilberforce the whippoorwill,
Down in our little bungalow in Quogue.

Contributed by Carlene Bogle