Track Title:               Honeymoon Inn
Album Title:               Internet Contributor III - Frank Sinatra
Prime Artist:              Unknown

Lyrics by:                 Schuyler Greene
Music by:                  Jerome Kern   (J. David K.)
From the Show:             Very Good Eddie  1915 (S)

Out beyond the far horizon,
There's a place I've not set eyes on,
Where a happy haven wedded lovers may win.
Covered deep in honeysuckles,
Near a stream that laughs and chuckles.
Bathed in golden sunshine, stands the Honeymoon Inn.

Life's always May there,
For sweethearts who stray there,
Away from the bustle and din.
All days are gay there
And no days are gray there

When you're at the Honeymoon Inn.
You live on bread and cheese and kisses
You know that this is the thing to do.
I'd go and stay there, I'd spend evey day there,
If only the way there, I knew.

Happy couples there are able to hold hands beneath the table,
If they're caught embracing there is no one to grin.
No one pays the least attention:
Kissing is a great invention
Everybody does it at the Honeymoon Inn.

Life's always May there...

Contributed by Carlene Bogle