Track Title:               In Egern On The Tegern See
Album Title:               Internet Contributor III - Frank Sinatra

Prime Artist:              Katherine Carrington
Lyrics by:                 Oscar Hammerstein II     (O. Greeley Clendenning H. II)
Music by:                  Jerome Kern   (J. David K.)
From the Show:             Music In The Air  1932 (S)

In Egern on the Tegern See,
Where we have our home,
We watch the sunset fade away
And melt in the gloam,
And then my man and I,
Beneath a starlit sky,
Look out across the water.
The calm, contented water.
When lights along the shore go out,
My man looks my way,
Then we let one light more go out,
And end one more day.
And while soft breezes bless us
And moonbeams caress us,
We dream in Egern on the Tegern See.

Contributed by Carlene Bogle