Track Title:               One Moment Alone
Album Title:               Internet Contributor III - Frank Sinatra

Prime Artist:              Jeanette MacDonald
Lyrics by:                 Otto Harbach     (b. Otto Abels Hauerbach)
Music by:                  Jerome Kern   (J. David K.)

From the Film:             The Cat And The Fiddle  1934 (M)
The breeze kissed your hair
Knowing you were fair
And all the night seemed to woo,
I wanted too
But I didn't dare.
You filled me with despair.
One moment there I sat with you,
Then vanished from your view.


One moment alone
That's all we have known,
And yet it seemed paradise
Had opened its golden portal
There in your lovely eyes.

One moment alone
'Twas then I was shown
A glimpse of an angel fair,
Too much for a lovely mortal,
That's why it ended there.

One word or two tenderly spoken,
Gay little laugh, sad little sigh;
Then all old dreams suddenly broken,
Ev'rything changed under the sky.

One moment alone
Is all that we own,
And yet in its joy and pain
Was builded a hope eternal,
It might be lived again.

Repeat Refrain

Contributed by Carlene Bogle