Track Title:               Sunny
Album Title:               Internet Contributor II - Frank Sinatra

Prime Artist:              Unknown
Lyrics by:                 Otto Harbach     (b. Otto Abels Hauerbach)
Lyrics by:                 Oscar Hammerstein II     (O. Greeley Clendenning H. II)
Music by:                  Jerome Kern   (J. David K.)

From the Film:             Sunny  1925 (S)
Here you come running back into my memry's eye,
Little playmate once my gaymate in a day gone by.

Ragged dresses, tangled tresses flying o'er the hill,
Heaven bless us!

You've no less a share of Jack than Jill.
You funny little willo wispy,

Sassy little lispy Sunny.


Never comb you hair Sunny!
Leave the breezes there Sunny!

Let your stocking fall down,
For shocking the town is all that you do.

Smiling all the while Tomboy,
Where'd you get your smile from boy?

Little sunny girl,
Be my honey girl,

I'm for you!   you!

Contributed by Corrado
(with help from Trudi Mann)

Additional material provided by Carlene Bogle