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Issue 28
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Celebrating over 16 years of bringing the Peach heritage into homes throughout the world.


We have just received notification that our server for email among those of us in the Peach egroups has been merged with YAHOO. That is great news, because Yahoo says we will now be given the opportunity to chat with each other who are on board.

Any of you who have been in chat rooms realizes how this could work. Likewise, it sounds like we will be able to I.M. (instant message) and go one on one with those on board or go into a personal chat room where several of us can chat about our family genealogy.

This is an exciting opportunity, and IT IS STILL FREE!!!! I love it! I hope this will encourage each of you to stay aboard and get other relatives to join us.

This will only be for those in the United States right now. Once it gets solidified here, it will go international.

We are still docked in Cape Cod Bay outside of Massachusetts, USA. From time to time, our group will leave the boat for land excursions for awhile, later to return to the ship. Here is the excursion we are on now. I hope you enjoy it.


In 1620, the Pilgrims first set foot on American soil. Docked in Cape Cod Bay, they embarked at Plymouth Rock , in what became later called Massachusetts. There, they celebrated the first Thanksgiving.

As we observe Thanksgiving in America during this latter part of November, we, like them need to take time to be thankful for all our blessings.

Among my blessings, I want to give thanks to all of you who have been my friends and supported me through thick and thin. I am now beginning my 17th year with this "Peach Tree Project", which only continues due to your faithful support and encouragement.

Also, as those Pilgrims in 1620 began their journey in America from Cape Cod Bay and Massachusetts, so now 380 years later, we will do likewise.

Beginning with this issue, each time we will journey from Cape Cod Bay throughout North America to share with you the latest developments and information we have gleaned from our research on the Peaches.

As we travel from Massachusetts down the east coast as far as Florida and then go west as far as Wyoming, I will be sharing the latest letters I have received during the last several months.

Some of these are revealing Peach families unknown to me. This shows that this "Peach Tree Project" is still needed to reveal new connections.


JOYCE JORDAN, a Marblehead descendant in Oregon had intentions to come to the Marblehead Peach Reunion, but had a conflict with the time. However, after the reunion, she finally made it to Marblehead for the first time and writes:

"Wow!!!! What a trip. Zeke took us on a tour of Marblehead. We ate out on the waterfront and spent the night with Mortimer and Betty Brown.

"We were lucky to be able to go inside William Peach's home (Black Joe's Tavern). The current owners were delighted to meet some one who was descended from the owner. I was amazed at how narrow and short the doorways were and also how narrow the stairs."

Next, she and her husband, RAYMOND JORDAN, traveled to Newbury, Vermont, where William Peach migrated over 200 years ago. Joyce continues:

"Vermont was like I expected. Very rural and hilly. We did cemeteries like mad. At least seven. The old Peach place is not accessible by road. If we had the time, it would have meant four miles of ATV travel and one or two miles of hiking over fallen logs!!!

"We did get to the farm of my William's (b.1833) mother and grandfather up in Ryegate. Not all that far away. Jefferson Hill is right on the border of South Ryegate. The property was on Tickled Naked Pond. (No one seemsto know how it got its name, but we can imagine!!!)

"William's wife was a Seaver from Craftsbury, and we were in the area of the Seaver farm. Both Seaver and Peach have brooks named after them... Was really a great experience to walk where our ancestor did so long ago."


A Peach on the internet says that, "All the Peaches I know were born in Brooklyn, NY except for my great grandfather, George. I don't know where he was born, but it was in NY. All his children were born in Brooklyn... My grandfather's siblings were: George, Margaret, Florence, Alice, Robert, Edward, Matthew, Lester and Arthur."


ROBERT THOMAS "Bob" PEACH came across my website and asked where he fits into the Peach tree. He says that, "I believe my grandfather, Francis Peach, from Baltimore, MD (aka Francis Howard) died about 1950 in New Haven, CT. He was married to Agnes Dale around 1905.

This could place him in the Northern Maryland Peach branch. Or it could make him a part of the The Connecticut Branch found on p.333 of THE PEACH/PEACHEY MIGRATIONS. Can anyone help Bob find where he fits in?

ERIN PHELAN CORDRAY contacted me recently saying, "I am a descendant of the Maryland Granite Peaches. My G-G-Grandfather was William Joseph Peach, the son of Charles Peach, the immigrant (who married Elizabeth Kelly). I have obtained her death certificate recently. Also, I have some interesting anecdotes on Charles and William from my Great Aunt, Elizabeth Ann Phelan. She lived in Granite on Summit Ave. overlooking the old Peach place on Old Court Rd. as a young girl.

"I know you probably know some of my distant relatives living close to me. If you could pass on my address to them to contact me, I would appreciate that as well. As you know, there are a lot of us! And I don't know my distant relatives in my own county."


ROSE MULLINS writes that, "I am looking for info. on the Peach family from Maryland. My grandmother, Mary Peach, was born in Baltimore Aug.12, 1908. Her father, William Mathew Peach, was born in Anne Arundel, MD June 19, 1887. Her mother's name was Emma Klofkie not sure of the spelling. William's father is Samuel H. Peach in Prince George, MD on Feb.9, 1861. Any information would be great since just starting my search."

This all sounds like the So. MD branch, but I can't substantiate this. Can anyone help us?

SHARON MacCREADY is definitely from this branch and recently bought a copy of THE PEACH TREE HANDBOOK, Vol.II, The Southern Maryland Branch. She writes after reading the book,

"I first contacted you in regard to Edgar Hamilton, my great uncle. I was so grateful for your info. about Edgar Hamilton and Blanche Hyatt having had a son, Hyatt Price Hamilton. I have been looking for these relatives for quite some time. Shortly after I heard about Hyatt from you, I saw Hyatt's obituary in a Hamilton newsletter to which I subscribe. As soon as I saw it, I wrote to the clergyman at the church where Hyatt's funeral service was held and asked to be put in touch with Hyatt's relatives. Lo and behold, the pastor passed my letter on to Lydie Peach Price....I found that Lydie is my 3rd cousin once removed."

Sharon also has been in contact with ELIZABETH PEACH of Pennsylvania, another descendant of the So.MD Branch. In their correspondence, she found "we had more in common with Fayette Co., PA than we did with our Peach ancestries...Much of my father's family is from Uniontown, PA. They married into some of the same families as the Peaches in that same area....

"John, I really want to thank and commend you for all of the research and work you have done with respect to the Peach family. Your work has enabled me to learn so much about my family - info. that I might not have known had it not been for your efforts at researching and writing. I will be forever grateful for what you have done."

Speaking of Uniontown, PA, DAVE FRASER says, "I'm searching for info. on a Rebecca Peach. I believe she was from the Uniontown area and married Wesley Fraser of Uniontown 1830-1835. They had nine children and moved to WV around 1855."

Could Rebecca be another daughter of William Peach, Jr. who first moved his So.Maryland family to Pennsylvania? Does anyone have info. or a theory that will help us?

ROBERT J. FOOTE writes from Australia about his ancestry in Isle of Wight, England. He found my letter to David Peach on the GenForum website. He says, "David's G-G-Grandfather, Jacob Peach b.1805, married Ann Morey b.1806 Newport, IOW and died 1896 Cowes, IOW. (my Great Grand Aunt).

Cowes and Newport were parishes associated with Joseph Peach who came from Isle of Wight prior to 1700 and fathered the Southern Maryland Branch. It would be interesting to find how all these are related back in England.


JOHN McFARLIN sent this query. "Anna Matilda Peach b.1820 d.5/19/1898 married Robert McFarlin of Delaware. Anna's parents were John Peach b.1771 d.9/30/1860 and Mary Peach b.1784 d.1/20/1864. Sisters were Phoebe Ann and Jane b.1815 d.7/1/1862."

I wrote John that Anna was the third generation of the John Peach who started the Delaware Branch and referred to her other siblings in THE PEACH/PEACHEY MIGRATIONS. John is also interested in the McFarlin line, from which he descended. He claims to have Anna Matilda Peach's will, an asset to the Delaware genealogy.


A query was received regarding a "Daisey Peach who mar. James William Middleton in Chesterfield, SC and Daniel Jordan. Lived in Jefferson area of SC. Need her parents and all that good stuff."

I shared with Edna, who sent the query, that Daisey Peach was born in So.Carolina, daughter of William and Martha Victoria (Gaskins) Peach. She had 7 siblings. Edna says she "would like to know how they are connected to Ezekiel Peach and also to Gaskins." If you can help with this, she would appreciate it.

REVA KILGORE wrote recently, "I am a great granddaughter of George Mike Peach of the Southern (S.C.) Branch." I am looking forward to finding out how she fits into this branch. I do see a George Mike Peach in Bobbye Winston's THE PEACH KITH' KIN book. He married Audie Delma Sutton and had seven children. I'm anxious to find if this is her family.


THOMAS PERRY inquires about "My aunt, Pearl Perry, who married a Peach outside of Nashville, TN and died there. Went to a Methodist church all her life. "

I referred him to my South Carolina book, which shows his ancestor, Pearl V. Perry married Reid Harrison Peach, Jr. b.9/28/1920 in Belleview, TN. In response, he says, "I found the cemetery where Pearl Peach and husband, Reid Peach and some family are laid to rest. It's the McCrory Cemetery in Davidson Co., TN. Go to and select McCrory Cemetery. There are four pages. This is a very small cemetery."

Hopefully, this internet address will be useful to all of you who are looking for cemetery records. Just go to, and then just choose the county you are searching.

Tom shares his memories of Reid Peach and his family. "Reid we called Jr. He was in the Navy. Then there was Herbert. He was in the Navy. Then Louis - wife's name: Edna. They had a large family and lived in Fairview, TN. Then Elsie Peach - married Louis Miles. They lived in Pasquo, TN. Then there was Robert b.abt.1934 or 35, also in the Navy. He got killed while home (Pasquo) on furlow in a car accident about 1958 or early 60s. He had a wife and a daughter. They lived close to Memphis. Then there was John "Johnny", the youngest child. He lives in Fairview, TN. I hope this helps. There may have been one or two more children in the family.

SHANNON RIGSBY wrote just last week saying she's "a great great granddaughter of Reuben Peach. Reuben had a daughter, Lonie Lee, who married Nicholas Harrison. Their child, Bessie (my grandmother), married Paul Perry. Their child, Linda Phelps, is my mother. Lonie's grandchildren all called her TwoMama. I guess for Mama #2. I am going to see my aunt in a few weeks. Hopefully, I can find out more about the Peaches.

JENNIFER PEACH BLEDSOE has done extensive work on her Tennessee Peach family. Among other sources, she gleaned a lot of info. from her paternal grandmother who married Felix Newton Peach. She writes about Felix saying,

"My grandfather was an interesting person...The last of his brothers and sisters died this Spring in their nineties. There are only two inlaw widow women left, my grandmother and another. My grandfather "pap" was a K-9 corps in the Army and was a huntsman in the Hillsboro hounds for years. To date he had two children, seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren."


RICHARD GARNER writes about his family in the Tampa area of Florida. "John Peach married Elizabeth Garner in Levy County, FL ca.1870. They have daughters: Lola; Rosa 1875: Minnie; Lillie Listed in Alachua Co., FL census 1880. Anyone with any info?"


FRANK McCOY wrote: "My grandfather, John Sherwood Peach, was born in Leipsic, Putnam Co., Ohio, in 1870. Siblings were May Peach b.abt.1873, Vinnie Peach b.1/3/1876 - died in Newport News, VA.

"His father, Josephus Moody Peach, was born in W. Mansfield, Ohio, in 1849. Died 11/29/1922 in Phoebus, VA. Married Irena Watters 3/10/1870 in Putnam Co. Leipsic, Ohio."

Meanwhile, we heard from a CLAUDIA LARSEN, who was searching her roots of her grandparents, Mabel Irene (Peach) and James John McCoy. Their son, Harry Lewis McCoy is Claudiaâs father. "I have been looking for him and his family," she says, "off and on for along time. I would like some info. such as: medical history, how many children he had, is he still living, what his parents were like, etc.

"He married my mother in 1942 or 43 in Evanston, Wyoming. I was born in 1944, and they were divorced in 45 or 46. Mabel was born 4/13/1891 in Leipsic, OH and died 10/1/1971 in Ottowa, OH."

FRANK McCOY responded to this, saying: "The Mabel she refers to was my mother...Incidentally, Claudia is my niece that I never knew until I saw an earlier message about her grand-mother, Mabel...When I found out where she was, I went to Salt Lake City to visit with her and her fine family."

What a reunion this must have been! This is what this "Peach Tree Project" is all about - bringing long lost relatives and families together. We look forward to hearing much more from this branch. KANSAS BRANCH

MAUREEN SINGER, who was at our Marblehead reunion from Florida, says: "I just finished writing to Dr. Charles Peach in North Carolina..I've connected him to the Kansas Branch identified in THE PEACH/PEACHEY MIGRATIONS, but his tree goes back a couple of generations further.

Any idea who Charles Peach b.1788 in Virginia might be? Or which line he might belong to? Dr. Peach is from Grand Junction, CO originally and says there are lots of Peaches there! I'm beginning to think we Peaches really are everywhere."

DON RATEKIN writes that this is his branch and is in communication with Maureen about this latest find.


THE PEACH TREE HANDBOOK, Vol.III, The Marblehead Branch can now be found in the following libraries:

  1. Thanks to the donation of ZEKE PEACH you will now find it in the Marblehead Historical Society.
  2. Also, Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA has purchased a copy. Other libraries which have bought the book are:
  3. New York City Library
  4. Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  5. State Historical Society of Wisconsin in Madison.
  6. Library of Congress in Wash.D.C.


My latest book, THE PEACH TREE HANDBOOK, Vol.III, The Marblehead Branch is going fast. The project was quite costly and only a limited amount could be printed. All the major libraries want the book, and I have started releasing them. I only hope if you want one, you will get it before its too late. To order a book, send $69.95 to the address on front of this newsletter. THE PEACH HERITAGE TOUR Video was gobbled up by those at the reunion, leaving me only a few more copies. Again, they will not be reproduced. Get yours now at $19.95 (includes shipping). THE PEACH TREE HANDBOOK, Vol.I, South Carolina Branch has sold out again on its second printing. However, I still have: THE PEACH TREE HANDBOOK, Vol.II, The Southern Maryland Branch for $29.95 + $5 shipping/packaging. THE PEACH/PEACHEY MIGRATIONS, 1066-1990 for $39.95 + $5 shipping.


My wife, Maria, and I want to take this opportunity to all of you who observe Christmas to have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of Christ. And to all of you, the observers and nonobservers alike, we want to wish you the very best at this time of the year and for the year 2001 - entering into a new century together!

Sincerely, your captain, -John Harding Peach

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