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New Peach Book

Our latest book has just been published and is now available. This is the grand-daddy of all our Peach books. 740 pages makes this the biggest one ever. Tom Peach of Spring, Texas, did the masterful art work for the cover, and it is a gem. Our hats go off to him.

A New Day Ahead

During the past year, I have been blessed with so many new folk who have become involved with this “Peach Tree Project.” Many of my long-time supporters were no longer around, and I failed to see much future in Peach genealogy. I felt like the newer generation might not be as enthused as my faithful pioneers had been.

Boy, was I wrong!! At the 10th National Peach Reunion, Spence Whitehead and Linda Robinett appeared on the scene for the first time. And they were loaded with fiery zeal and passion for this project. This helped light a new fire under me.

Then came The Peach Heroes book. Not only did many new personalities come on board, but they came with an intense desire to share their genealogy to be in the book and then get the book in the hands of their loved ones. These will be referred to by name in the following pages. Most outstanding among these were Michelle Scott, Kari Malewska and Julie Arends Olson, all of the Minnesota Branch. Between them, 16 books were ordered.

Sandy Peterson led the way for the Marblehead Peaches ordering 5 books. Dawn Adams ordered 4 books for the Kansas Branch. Pam Fossum got 4 books representing the So. MD Branch. Elaine Peach and Cathy Reed led the way for the SC Branch, each ordering 4 books. Kenneth M. Peach took the lead for his Texas Peaches, ordering 3 books. Between Robert Peach and his daughters, Lynn Manning and Marianne Mitchell, they ordered 5 for their Kentucky Branch.

Chapter 4
The Kansas Branch

This part of the book I dedicate to four Peach heroes. For the Kansas Branch to be included, I needed to have five books ordered. Connie Mincy of Iowa provided most of the genealogy at the outset. She has been a long-time partner in the Peach Tree Project. However, without Grace Gilbert of Wyoming, Dawn Adams of Michigan and Marilyn Arrick of Iowa adding to the orders, Kansas would have vanished from this publication.

These are new kids on the block, and I get so excited to see their enthusiasm for this project and know it will continue throughout their lifetime. I have no doubt that in this generation and all the generations to follow, many more Kansas Peaches will surface who want to research their genealogy in this book. But for now, Connie, Grace, Dawn and Marilyn are our heroes, not only in all the data they provided, but also for the books they ordered.

In 1763, Joseph Peach was born in Virginia and possibly could be the father of Charles Peach, who started the Kansas Branch. Charles was born in 1787, and Jacob Peach, founder of the Pennsylvania Branch, was born in 1785. Both were believed to be born in Virginia. There is a possibility these two were brothers, and if so, Joseph Peach would have been the father of both. Charles and Jacob as farmers followed the migration trail to Ohio, both being firmly planted there no later than 1840. Charles Peach married Rebecca Brown in 1809 in what is now West Virginia.

Chapter 5
The Kentucky Branch

Seven Peach heroes are responsible for this branch being published. Harold G. Peach, Jr. and his wife, Andrea, of Kentucky got the ball rolling. Harold has been a supporter of the Peach Tree Project for many years. Donald N. Peach of Colorado, another long-time supporter, threw his hat in the ring. Next, Robert C. Peach of Georgia and his daughters, Lynn Manning and Marianne Mitchell, both of Florida, contacted me. They had shown an interest in getting their genealogy published in the past and were a motivating factor for me to consider the Kentucky Branch for this book. Michelle Peach of Kentucky provided her family history, as well as all those mentioned above. For the orders they placed and all the work they generated, they are a group of real Peach heroes.

The Kentucky Branch founder was Daniel Peach. According to the Passenger & Immigration Lists Index, there was a Daniel Peach who came to America from England in 1788. Quite an unusual name for the early Peaches - I assume this is the same Daniel who married Elizabeth Gibson in Fauquier Co., Virginia, in 1793 and began what is called "The Kentucky Branch". Born in 1765 in England, Daniel Peach, fathered seven children in Upperville, Fauqier Co., Virginia.

Nothing much is known about Daniel, but his wife, Elizabeth Gibson, came from a prominent, well-cultured family. For whatever reason no one knows, one day in 1814 Elizabeth and her seven children, along with her parents, left the beauty and security of Upperville for the rugged journey over the treacherous mountains to the wilderness of Kentucky. Whatever happened to Daniel is anyone's guess. One thing is for certain. Elizabeth, with the help of her parents, settled and developed a farm in Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co., Kentucky.

Chapter 6
The Minnesota Branch

O. John Taylor of California and Culleen Harthun of Minnesota provided most of the genealogy about this branch. However, without enough book orders, all their work would go unpublished. Enter some of my long-time supporters, Doug Peach and his wife, Geri, of Minnesota and Marjorie Ayo of Florida. But to seal the deal it took the Arends family including Michelle Scott of Texas, and Kari Malewska and Julie Arends Olson, both of Minnesota. Their enthusiasm for their family's history really has helped motivate me to get this branch published. Kathy Stokes of Texas and Wendy Ruggeri of New Jersey also joined this endeavor. Each of these have worked methodically to get me all their records and edit them. I know they will be my new friends for life - ten Peach heroes.

By 1850 Richard Peach and his wife, Alice, and daughter, Mary, were welcomed from England to America at the infamous Ellis Island in New York Harbor. Born in Wheldrake, Yorkshire, in 1822, Richard was raised in a Catholic orphanage after his mother died when he was only six years old. Feeling like he was being abused and overworked, when he was 16, he ran away from the orphanage. When he was about 27, as a married man, he then ran away to America. Eventually, all his descendants look to him as the father of their Minnesota Branch.

Chapter 7
The Pennsylvania Branch

Six Peach heroes are responsible for getting this branch published. They include my long-time supporters, Caral M. Bennett of Virginia, Dan Giffin of Arizona, and Theresa River of Georgia. However, it took William Harris and Pamela Warren, both of California; Ryan Peach of Alaska; and Sharon Sullivan of Arizona to get their Pennsylvania Branch into publication. As a result of the diligent work of all six of these to get their genealogy gathered, submitted and edited, along with the orders they placed for books, they are truly Peach heroes.

Their founding father, Jacob Peach, was believed to be born in Virginia in 1785. Chapter XI of The Peach/Peachey Migrations, 1066-1990 is devoted to this Pennsylvania Branch. Their origins and early genealogical records are discussed, as well as featuring a photo of their founding father, Jacob.

Chapter 8
The Texas Branch

This branch took four Peach heroes to get published. It all began with Tennia Cole of Texas, who sent me a disc with the complete Texas genealogy. She had worked for years to gather and compile this vital history. But without Sammy Bunnell of Kentucky, Kenneth M.Peach of Washington, and Cindy Williams of Arkansas, this Texas Branch would have stayed on the disc. As a result of their orders and their submitted records, for the first time the Texas Branch made it into one of my books.In about 1824 Henderson Peach was born in Tennessee. Nothing is known of his parents, but at an early age he was indentured to a Mr. Frizell. As a blacksmith, Henderson married and had two children before he moved his family to Texas. As a soldier in the Civil War, his descendants look to him as the founder of this Texas Branch.

Chapter 9
The Southern Maryland Branch

Seventeen Peach heroes were responsible for having their branch updated in this book. After writing and having published two books on the So. Maryland Branch, I thought my work was complete. I originally had no plans to update this branch in another book. However, because of these 15 Peach descendants who would take "no" for an answer, you will find a vast amount of material in this Peach Heroes book that hasn't been published heretofore.

Our hats first go off to those who have supported this Peach Tree Project for many years. They include Dorothy Asmus of California, Maureen McGowan Singer of Florida, Mary F. Peach of Maryland, Deborah Smallwood of Virginia, Robert W. Peach of Arizona, Cynthia Yakima of Ilinois, Mary B. Peach of Tennessee, Pam Fossum of Utah, Ardis Dashiell of Washington, Edgar Peach of Maryland and Cherri Ethridge, Tom Peach & Willa Mae Davis, all of Texas.

Added to these 13 heroes, four more have joined the Peach Tree Project and bring new blood into this vibrant branch. Many of our most faithful supporters of the Peach Tree have now gone onto their reward. This has left some shoes that were left empty. Thankfully, here are four more to help fill their shoes. These Peach heroes that contributed their family's genealogy to this book are Nancy Lawson of Texas, James R. Peach of Illinois, Carol J. Peach of California and Timothy Peach of Maryland.

Chapter 10
The South Carolina Branch

Here's another branch that has overwhelmed me in a positive way. After getting two books published on the South Carolina Branch, including my last one only four years ago, I felt my mission was accomplished. Well, so I thought! Along came 28 Peach heroes from this branch who had much more to add to their family tree's publication. What I have found in this Peach Tree Project is that one book opens "a can of worms" or better yet "a can of Peaches".

Many of the heroes involved were those who did not know about the Peach Tree Project until recently. We welcome each of these with open arms. Of the 28 South Carolina heroes who helped get their branch published in this book. 18 of these have been long-time supporters of this Peach Tree Project. Four of them are in Tennessee. They are Sam D. Peach, Deborah Quigley, Hampton Williams, Jr., Shirley Thybault and Ronald T. Peach. Three of them are in California: Larry Peach, Elaine Peach and T. Clayton Moore. They begin on the East Coast with Patricia Gebura of Massachusetts, Lola M. Peach of Virginia, Janie Brumbelow of Georgia, and Cathy Reed of Florida. Then they go all across the South from Ann Taylor of Alabama, Sammy Peach of Mississippi, June W. Peach of Louisiana, Joan Sutton of Texas, Judy Kemper of New Mexico. Last, but certainly not least, is Cindy Noles way up in Michigan. There have been many of our ardent supporters who have gone to their reward lately. This left some more shoes to fill in order to keep The Peach Tree Project vibrant and progressing.

Here's the new South Carolina Peach heroes who are now trying to fill their shoes. These are what I will call our "new kids on the block", as they come with a new passion and sense of urgency. Going from East to West, they are Karl Fritz Van-Kaupp of North Carolina; Spence Whitehead of Georgia; Linda Robinett and Brenda Starr, both of Alabama; Dolores Strum of Iowa; Kathy Johnson and Linda Young of Oklahoma; Amanda Mason of Arizona; and Joey Amick and Marian Allman, both of California.

Chapter 11
The Marblehead Branch

This Peach Tree Project had its beginnings in Marblehead, MA, at the home of William F. and Barbara Peach in 1983 Our first National Peach Reunion was held in Marblehead in 1984. To return to Marblehead in this book brings back lots of pleasant memories for me. As a southerner raised in California, I had a lot of preconceived ideas about those from New England. I feared they would shun me and shut me out. However, I have come to find some of my closest friends and supporters from these Marblehead descendants. Bill and Barbara welcomed me immediately into their Marblehead home to spend a week with them, while I gathered the first records to start this Peach Tree Project. Instead of rejection, I found acceptance. And it was a life-changing experience for me. These are two of the Peach heroes to whom this book is dedicated. They are gone but certainly will never be forgotten.

Other Peach heroes in Marblehead who have been supporting me forever are Carolyn Knight, now with the Lord, and Edward W. "Ted" Peach and E. Russell "Zeke" Peach. Ted helped start this project in the home of his parents, Bill and Barbara, 26 years ago. He and I spent many nights burning the midnight oil as we worked together developing the Marblehead genealogy. Zeke almost single handedly organized the 8th National Peach Reunion in Marblehead in 2000. These have been the primary Peach historians from Marblehead whom I have relied on for the past 26 years - Peach heroes indeed!

Arden and Liane Peach of Maine were the very first subscribers to The Peach Tree newsletter, beginning in1983. I sent it to them and 23 others with the desire to try to piece together the missing links in Peach genealogy. Much to my surprise, theysent me money for it and thus began the idea of establishing a mailing list for subscriptions. Had it not been for them and many other Peach heroes, The Peach Tree never would have continued for all these years.

Through the years, many Marbleheaders have become long-time supporters of this project. Along with Ted, Zeke, Arden and Ann, they have labored to send me their updates and book orders to make sure the Marblehead genealogy is all current. These Peach heroes are Betty Dearing and Edward T. "Ted" Peach, both of California; Joyce Jordan of Oregon; Naomi Roberts of Oklahoma; Rosalyn Peach and Tom Giger, both of Illinois; Sam and Gloria Peach of Kentucky; Robert and Shirley Peach of North Carolina; Sally Fish of Virginia; Harry W. Peach of New Hampshire; Richard W. Peach of New Jersey, Ruth Davey of Massachusetts and Todd Peach of Washington state.

Fortunately, new Marbleheaders came on the scene who heard about this project and chose to get involved. The following have ordered books and worked hard to get their genealogical records placed in the book accurately. They are: Mary Tibbetts of Texas; Sandy Peterson, Leslie Plimpton, and Linda and Susan Samways, all of Massachusetts; Beverly Phillips, Kathryn Bates and Susan Sperry, all of New Hampshire; Dan Peach of New York; Douglas W. Peach of Connecticut; Bruce White of New Jersey; and Kenny Peach of Michigan. These are all Marblehead Peach heroes.

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Todd Peach of Washington state and myself are working to update our website. It was created 11 years ago, and we are trying to bring it into the 21st century. You can access it at We are thankful to Todd for creating and maintaining this website for us at no charge for the past 11 years. It has been a valuable tool for many to find our Peach Tree Project and become a part of what we are doing. I plan on putting each of the upcoming Peach Trees online so that they will be accessible to all who enter the website. Keep checking the website for the new look and hope for the best.
Yours truly, JHP

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