Track Title:               What Shall I Do

Prime Artist:              Lupe Velez
Written by:                Cole Porter       (C. Albert P.)
From the Show:             You Never Know  1938 (S)

I've just read of Cleopatra
The glamorous empire shatt'rer,
Who to Caesar lost her heart as well as her head,
But that early Roman Nazi
Was so mean to his Cleopatsy*
That she fell in love with Marc Antony instead.
To worship two men in turn may be sublime,
But, oh, it's hell when you care for both at the same time.


What shall I do?
Just imagine what I'm going through,
I love not one, but two,
What shall I do?
I'm in a spot,
Cupid's given me a double shot,
So won't you tell me what
As well as what not shall I do?
Two men appear,
Each a swell Apollo Belvedere,
Each one ideal,
But though I fairly itch to,
I don't know which to hitch to.
I can't marry both,
After all, this isn't Timbuctoo,
That's the reason I appeal to you, and you,
What shall I do?

I'm in a spot,
This young man attracts me quite a lot,
So won't you tell we what
As well as what not I shall do?
My note still unsealed
Also eggs me on to carry through,
In the situation wouldn't you and you?
That's what I'll do!

What shall I do?
Evidently husbands can't be true,
Mine's just like all the crew.
What shall I do?
That blonde cocotte
Has him dancing like a Hottentot,
So won't you tell me what
As well as what not to do?
Wise gods above
Say I'm just s step ahead of love.
Love's lots of fun,
So shall I change my diet
And, on the quiet, try it?
The deah Baron's flow'rs
Also make me want to carry through,
In the situation, wouldn't you and you?
What shall I do?

*Lines 4 and 5 originally:
But that stingy old Rotarian
Gave her nothing but one Caesarian,

Contributed by Carlene Bogle