Track Title:               When The Summer Moon Comes 'Long (aka 'Under The Summer Moon')

Prime Artist:              Unknown
Written by:                Cole Porter       (C. Albert P.)
(Composed during Porter's freshman year at Yale (1909-1910) -Published in
"The Unpublished Cole Porter")

Verse 1

If you want to wed a little girl,
Simply wild about her,
Couldn't live without her,
If your heart's completely in a whirl,
Just want to love and spoon,
Don't propose while wintertime is here.
Wait till stars are gleaming,
Winking, blinking, beaming,
Now's the time to ask your little dear,
Under the summer moon.


First select a small canoe
Where there's only room for two.
You'll love her and she'll love you,
You could never get in wrong.
While the stars are shining bright
In the silv'ry, dreamy night,
You can hold her, fold her tight,
When the summer moon comes 'long.

Verse 2

When you've popped the question to her too,
After you have kissed her,
She'll only be your "sister."
Then declare that you're completely through,
Paddle her back home soon,
Drift along until you've met a queen,
Someone who will marry,
Won't put off or tarry.
Take her to the spot where you've just been,
Under the summer moon.

Contributed by Carlene Bogle