Track Title:               Hubby

Prime Artist:              Unknown
Lyrics by:                 Ira Gershwin     (b. Israel Gershvin)
Lyrics by:                 Arthur Francis (pseudonym for Ira Gershwin)
Music by:                  William Daly

From:                      Unproduced Chopin Show  1923 (S)

It seems to be the right thing now
To overlook the marriage vow.
It's out of date to love your mate.*
But I'm afraid that I'm designed
To be a quaint, old-fashioned kind.
So come what may
I'll honor and obey.

Refrain 1

Hubby, oh darling hubby,
Let's be as clubby as we can be.
I'm going to scorn convention
And pay attention to hubby-hubby.
Hold me, oh, please enfold me,
The world would scold me
If it but knew.
But oh!  I cannot hide it,
I must confide it,
Dear, I'm in love with you.

Refrain 2

Hubby, oh, darling hubby,
Let's be as clubby as we can be.
While others go to Reno,
I'll play casino with hubby-hubby.
Press me, and always "Yes" me,
Oh, dear, caress me
My whole life through.
Please start right in and practice,
For oh!  The fact is
That I'm in love with you.

*Alternate version of verse, lines 3-7:
Each one can choose whose is whose.
The hearts that beat for one alone
Are seldom beating for their own.
In me you find
A quaint, old-fashioned kind.

Contributed by Carlene Bogle