Track Title:               Just Like You

Prime Artist:              Fred Santley
Lyrics by:                 Ira Gershwin     (b. Israel Gershvin)
Lyrics by:                 Arthur Francis (pseudonym for Ira Gershwin)
Music by:                  Paul Lannin

Vocal:                     Madeline Fairbanks
From the Show:             Two Little Girls In Blue  1921 (S)


Though they say love is blind,
In dreams I have pictured the one girl.
Deep in my heart enshrined,
She's been the one kind
I have wanted to find.
Mem'ries come thronging
Of years filled with longing,
For though we'd not met,
I was not fancy-free.

If she's to enter
Your heart's very center,
Then what sort of maid
Is this "one girl' to be?

I'll tell my secret to you;
Yes, I'll describe her.

Please Do!


Someone I can care for;
Someone whose heart I'll possess;
Someone I can dare for;
Someone to hold and caress.
Tender, slender~
She'll make life start anew.
I'll surrender
If that someone is just like you.

[Dance Intelude]

If that someone is just like you.

Contributed by Carlene Bogle