Track Title:               Mr. And Mrs. (aka Now That We're Mr. and Mrs.)

Prime Artist:              Fred Santley
Lyrics by:                 Arthur Francis (pseudonym for Ira Gershwin)
Lyrics by:                 Ira Gershwin     (b. Israel Gershvin)
Music by:                  Vincent Youmans

Vocal:                     Madeline Fairbanks
From the Show:             Two Little Girls In Blue  1921 (S)

Verse 1

Ev'ry jokesmith 'neath the sun*
Seems to keep on poking fun
At the marriage knot.
It won't stand the acid test,
Say the skeptics and the rest,
But I know that's rot.
So why listen to what critics tell us?
Happiness like ours would make them jealous.
We could show them all they're wrong.
We could make of married life a song.

Refrain 1

If we were Mr. and Mrs.,
We'd know what real bliss is.
With such a lovable spouse, dear,
I'd hate leaving the house, dear;
I'd want you near me night and day.
Our little home would be rosy,
So comfy and cozy,
A love nest ever bright and gay.
There would be no armistices
For hugs and for kisses,
If we were Mr. and Mrs.

Verse 2

Can't you picture-can't you see-
What a loving pair we'd be
In a two by four?
We should be such perfect mates!
Ev'ry time you'd wipe the plates,
I could sweep the floor.
When you'd start to bake or cook, I'd pitch in,
Prove a handy man around the kitchen.

You work fast, I must confess.

I keep hoping someday you'll say yes.

Refrain 2

If we were Mr. and Mrs.,
"Oh boy!" we'd say, "this is
The one and only existence;
Gloom in all its persistence
Would never stand a chance with us."
I'm sure that soon you'd discover
A husband as lover
Could make earth seem like heaven plus.
For you I'd strain ev'ry muscle,
I'd toil and hustle,
If we were Mr. and Mrs.

*Alternate version of verse 1, lines 1-2:
There isn't a jokesmith 'neath the sun
Who doesn't keep on poking fun

Contributed by Carlene Bogle