Prime Artist:              Unknown
Lyrics by:                 Arthur Francis (pseudonym for Ira Gershwin)

Lyrics by:                 Lou Paley
Lyrics by:                 Ira Gershwin     (b. Israel Gershvin)
Music by:                  Vincent Youmans

Outtake from:              Piccadilly To Broadway  1920 (S)

Verse 1

I used to laugh at-
I used to chaff at-
The sort of fellow who
Believed that love at sight would
Be found forever true
But my conclusions
On love's delusions
Have met their Waterloo.
I cannot hide it-
I must confide it-
The very moment that I met you.


Somehow-somehow I knew
I could always be true,
Though you merely give me a smile.
Something clearly
Told me I would love you dearly;
My heart started to dance.
It was love at a glance.
That no other
Girl I'd ever take to mother,
Somehow-somehow I knew.

Verse 2

Oh, I've been learning
A lot concerning
The way a heart is won.
This love at sight idea
I thought was overdone
The first who said it
Deserves the credit;
He knew a thing or two.
For that's how really,
I say it freely,
I fell in love with you.

-Earlier Version Of Verse 2-

I've heard it stated
That it is fated
That love must come to all.
And yet I always doubted
That I would ever fall.
But I've been learning
A lot concerning
The way a heart is won.
I cannot hide it-*
I must confide it-
I really felt the same as you.

-Verse To Different Music-

I've heard a lot about predestination
And of lovers who love at first sight,
But thought them all the fanciful creation
Of the poets and others who write.
But now I find I've changed my mind completely;
Every trace of doubt vanished fleetly;
When first I looked into your eyes.

*Alternate version of earlier verse 2, lines 9-11:

For very soon, dear-
I've changed my tune, dear-
Right after I met you.

Contributed by Carlene Bogle