Track Title:               Tra-La-La

Prime Artist:              Marjorie Gateson
Lyrics by:                 Arthur Francis (pseudonym for Ira Gershwin)
Lyrics by:                 Ira Gershwin     (b. Israel Gershvin)
Music by:                  George Gershwin     (b. Jacob Gershvin)

Vocal:                     John E. Hazzard
From the Show:             For Goodness Sake  1922 (M)

*Note:  Lyric revised by Ira Gershwin for the film An American In Paris
(1951), in which it was reintroduced by Gene Kelly and Oscar Levant.

Original Version


Let me introduce you to Tra-la-la;
For it's time that you all knew Tra-la-la.
It's a silly strain, it's true-Tra-la-la.
But it's guaranteed to cure
Ev'ry sort of blues, and you're
Going to like it, I am sure-


Just learn this little song:
Won't take you very long:
It has the cutest swing-
Tell me, Papa,
Isn't it a cunning thing?
Makes ev'rybody's heart
Go pit-a-pat;
Your troubles will depart.
They'll go like that;
Hum it, strum it, sing and drum it;
You'll get worlds of pleasure from it:
Tra-la-la, Tra-la-la-la.

An American In Paris Version
Subtitled "This Time It's Really Love"


Am I happy?  Am I proud?  Tra-la-la!
Am I floating on a cloud?  Tra-la-la!
Let me sing it clear and loud-Tra-la-la!
That I finally have met
One I always hoped to get
And the day of days is set-

Refrain 1

This time it's really love:
I'm in that blue above:
She fills me full of joy-
Tell me, Papa,
Am I not a lucky boy?
Just listen to my heart
Go pit-a-pat.
It started from the start-
I fell like that!
Hum it, strum it, sing it, drum it;
What a thrill I'm getting from it!
Tra-la-la, Tra-la-la, la!

Refrain 2

He's like a breath of spring,
He's got but ev'rything,
This thing that we've begun-
Tell me, Mama,
Am I not the lucky one?
Into a daze I go
When he appears.
This daze I want to know
All throught the years.
Hum it, strum it, sing it, drum it!
Finally I've reached the summit!
Tra-la-la, Tra-la-la, la!

Contributed by Carlene Bogle