Track Title:               Turn To The Dreams Ahead

Prime Artist:              Ira Gershwin     (b. Israel Gershvin)
Lyrics by:                 Ira Gershwin     (b. Israel Gershvin)
Music by:                  Morris Hamilton
From:                      1924


Voices are singing-sorrow is winging
When the sun begins to smile;
But when it's raining, people, complaining,
Frown in a little while.
The skies are crying-There'll be no sighing
If you follow out my plan.
Don't let old trouble grieve you.
Take this advice and
He will be nice and leave you-


Turn to the dreams that are lying before you.
Think of someone who will come one fine day to adore you.
Don't borrow sorrow or let trouble floor you.*
Just learn to turn to the dreams that lie ahead.

Alternate version of refrain, line 3:

If you should find trouble trying to floor you,

Contributed by Carlene Bogle