Track Title:               Give It To 'Em Good, Carrie!

Prime Artist:              Unknown
Lyrics by:                 Oscar Hammerstein II     (O. Greeley Clendenning H. II)
Music by:                  Richard Rodgers
From the Show:             Carousel   1945 (S)  1957 (M)

From the Film:             Carousel   1945 (S)  1957 (M)
Give it to 'em good, Carrie,
Give it to 'em good!

Get away you no account nothin's
With yer silly jokes and prattle!
If y'packed all yer brains in a butterfly's head
They'd still hev room to rattle.

Give it to 'em good, Carrie,
Give it to 'em good!
Tell 'em somethin' that'll larn 'em!

Get away you roustabout riff raff,
With yer bellies full of grog.
If y'packed all yer brains in a polywog's head
He'd never even grow to be a frog!

The polywog'd never be a frog!
That'll larn 'em, darn 'em!

[All Men]
Now jest a minute, ladies,
You got no call to fret.
We only asked perlitely
If you was ready yet.
We'd kinda like this clambake
To get an early start,
And wanted fer to tell you
We went and done our part.

Look at them clams!

Been diggin' 'em since sun-up!

Look at them clams!

[2nd Tenors]
All ready fer the boats.

Diggin' them clams!

[1st Tenors]
We're all wore out and done up,--

[All Men]
And what's more we're hungry as goats!

[All Girls]
You'll get no drinks er vittles
Till we get across the bay,
So pull in yer belts
And load them boats
And let's get under way.
The sooner we sail
The sooner we start
The clambake 'cross the bay!

[Nettie Enters]
(Following lines are spoken)
Here, boys! Here's some doughnuts and coffee. Fall to!

(speeches overlap):
Doughnuts, hooray!
That's our Nettie!
Yer heart's in the right place, Nettie!
Lemme in there!
Quit yer shovin'!

[A Girl]
Nettie! After we just tellin' 'em! Whatcher doin' that fer. [Nettie] They been diggin' clams since five this mornin'--I see 'em myself, down on the beach. [Carrie] Nettie, yer a soft-hearted Ninny! [Nettie] Oh, y'can't blame 'em. First clambake o' the year they're always like this. It's like unlockin' a door, and all the crazy notions they kep' shet up fer the winter come whoopin' out into the sunshine. (ALL laugh) [Nettie] This year's jest like ev'ry other-- (singing) March went out like a lion, A-whippin' up the water in the bay. Contributed by Carlene Bogle