Track Title:               It's A Scandal!  It's An Outrage!

Prime Artist:              Unknown
Lyrics by:                 Oscar Hammerstein II     (O. Greeley Clendenning H. II)
Music by:                  Richard Rodgers
From the Show:             Oklahoma!  1943 (S)  1955 (M)

Tricked! ...
Hoodwinked! ...
Ambushed! ...

Whut's on yer mind?
Why do you walk
Around and around,
With yer hands
Folded behind,
And yer chin scrapin' the ground?

O fellars I don't believe it!

Twenty minutes ago I am free like the breeze,
Free like a bird in the woodland wild,
Free like a gypsy, free like a child,
I'm a happy man!

[Additional Verse]
I'm unattached!
Twenty minutes ago I can do what I please,
Flick my cigar ashes on a rug,
Dunk with a donut, drink from a jug-

I'm minding my own business like I oughter
Ain't meanin' no harm to anyone.
I'm talking to a certain farmer's daughter-
Then I'm looking into the muzzle of a gun!

It's getting so you cain't have any fun!
Every daughter has a father with a gun!
It's a scandal, it's an outrage!
How a gal gits a husband today!

If you make one mistake when the moon is bright,
Then they tie you to a contract,
So you'll make it ev'ry night!

It's a scandal, it's an outrage!
When her fambly surround you and say:
"You gotta make an honest womern outta Nell!"

To make you make her honest, she will lie like hell!

It's a scandal, it's an outrage!
On our manhood, it's a blot!
Where is the leader who will save us?
And be the first man to be shot?


It's a scandal, it's an outrage!
Jist a wink and a kiss and you're through!

You're in a mess, and in less than a year, by heck!
There's a baby on your shoulder making bubbles on your neck!

It's a scandal, it's an outrage!
Any farmer will tell you it's true.

A rooster in a chickencoop is better off'n men.
He ain't the special property of just one hen!

It's a scandal, it's an outrage! When it's gonna be the day We're gonna lead the liberation And we will lead the way? [Alternative Verse] [Men] It's a problem we must solve We gotta start a revolution! [Girls] All right, boys! Revolve! Contributed by Carlene Bogle