Track Title:               My Best Love

Prime Artist:              Unknown
Lyrics by:                 Oscar Hammerstein II     (O. Greeley Clendenning H. II)
Music by:                  Richard Rodgers
From the Show:             Flower Drum Song  1958 (S)

How can a young man know where his heart will go?
Only an old man knows what a man should know.
All that was true for me shall be true for you.
You are romantic, I was romantic too.


A new true love you meet each day.
The girls are fresh and sweet, like buds in May.
Like buds that grow in May,
They bloom and blow away.
Then you meet your young bride to be,
Radiant and lovely is she!
When all the gay parade has passed,
My best love comes last.

Repeat Refrain

Contributed by Carlene Bogle