Track Title:               Oh, Lawd, I'm On My Way
Album Title:               The Complete Verve Recordings, Disc 3 (Porgy & Bess)

Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald / Louis Armstrong
Arranger:                  Russell Garcia
Lyrics by:                 Du Bose Heyward
Music by:                  George Gershwin     (b. Jacob Gershvin)

Vocal:                     Louis Armstrong
Background Vocal:          The Judd Conlon Singers
Producer:                  Norman Granz
Conductor:                 Russell Garcia

From the Show:             Porgy and Bess  1935 (S)
 I'm on my way to a Heav'nly Lan',
 I'll ride dat long, long road.
 If You are there to guide my han'.
 Oh Lawd, I'm on my way.
 I'm on my way to a Heav'nly Lan'-
 Oh Lawd. It's a long, long way, but
 You'll be there to take my han'.