Track Title:               Shine
Album Title:               The Early Years - Part 1, disc 1

Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald
Written by:                Cecil Mack
Written by:                Lew Brown
Written by:                Ford Dabney

Orchestra:                 Her Savoy Eight
“SHINE”  Words by Cecil Mack & Lew Brown.  Music by Ford Dabney. Copyright 1924.  Key Eb

VERSE: “Happy Jack – known around the town as “some” boot-black

Never worried tho’ he worked like sin, had a grin guaranteed to bring the bus’ness in

Ev’ry day when they’d ask him how he got that way he would tell ‘em

“If you envy me, just try my recipe”

CHORUS: “ Shine – away your blues-ies – Shine – start with your shoes-ies –

Shine each place up make it look like new, shine your face up wear a smile or two,

Shine  - your these and thos-ies – you’ll find that everything will turn out fine,

Folks will shine up to ya, everyone will “howdy-do” ya,

You’ll make the whole world shine”