Track Title:               Sugar Blues
Album Title:               The Early Years - Part 2, disc 1

Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald
Lyrics by:                 Lucy Fletcher
Music by:                  Clarence Williams
Orchestra:                 Ella Fitzgerald and Her Famous Orchestra

From:                      1923
“SUGAR BLUES”   Words by Lucy Fletcher.  Music by Clarence Williams. Copyright 1919    Key  C

“ Have you heard these blues that I’m goin’ to sing to you?

When you hear them they will thrill you thro’ and thro’

They’re the sweetest blues you ever heard;

Now listen and don’t say a word:

CHORUS: “Sugar Blues, everybody’s singing the sugar blues; the

Whole town is ringing my lovin’ man’s sweet as he can be but

The doggone fool turned sour on me

I’m so unhappy, I feel so bad, I could lay me down and die

You can say what you choose, but I’m all confused; I’ve got the sweet sugar blues ,

More sugar; I’ve got the sweet, sweet sugar blues “