Track Title:               You're An Old Smoothie

Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald
Written by:                Nacio Herb Brown
Written by:                B.G. DeSylva  (aka 'Buddy', aka, 'George Gard DeSylva')
Written by:                Richard Whiting

From the Show:             Take A Chance  1932 (S)
You're an old smoothie
I'm an old softie
I'm just like putty in the hands of a boy like

You're an old meanie
I'm a big boobie
I just go nutty in the hands of a boy like you

Poor me, you played me for a sap
Poor you, you thought you'd laid a trap
Well dear, I think it's time you knew
You've done just what I wanted you to

Silly old smoothie
Crafty old softie
I'll stick like putty to the hand of a boy like