Track Title:               It Makes No Difference Now
Album Title:               The Complete Country & Western Recordings, Disc One

Prime Artist:              Ray Charles     (Robinson)
Originally made famous by: Cliff Bruner
Producer:                  Sid Feller
Written by:                Floyd Tillman

From the Album:            Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music,  1962 (A)

“ IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE NOW”  Words & Music by Jimmie Davis & Floyd Tillman. Copyright 1939. Key G”

“ Makes no difference now what kind of life fate hands me

I’ll get along without you now that’s plain to see

I don’t care what happens next for I’ll get by some how--- I don’t worry ‘cause It makes no difference now”

It was just a year ago when I first met you

I learned to love you and I thought you loved me too

But that’s all in the past and I’ll forget somehow—I don’t worry ‘cause it makes no difference now”

Now that we have really parted I can’t believe we’re through---I don’t blame myself –I’m sure I can’t blame you

There was something had to happen and it happened somehow-I don’t worry ‘cause it makes no difference now”

After all is said and done I’ll soon forget you – Although I know that it will be so hard to do

Let things happen as they will and I’ll get by somehow- I d0on’t worry ‘cause it makes no difference now”