Track Title:               Electric Head pt. 2 (the ecstasy)

Album Title:               Astro Creep: 2000
Prime Artist:              White Zombie
Lyrics by:                 Rob Zombie (Cummings)
Music by:                  White Zombie

Producer:                  Terry Date
Producer:                  White Zombie

Strip down core,Violate and paralyze.
Flood my soul with coffee dreg,supersize.
Slung low like a whore,Devil want some more.
Cupid bought a gun,he's gonna blow the fucker

Yeah-I want it
Yeah-I need it
Yeah-I love it
Yeah-electric head,all in your head,all in your head,all in you.

Breakneck speed,get a violent spinal crack'n.
Back down to the chrome and feel the death wish attack'n.
Hubcaps on your eyes,cannot sympathize.
A fistful of hair and a splinter in the mind