Track Title:               Starship Trooper  -  Disillusion

Album Title:               Highlights
Prime Artist:              Yes
Producer:                  Yves Beauvais
Written by:                Chris Squire

From the Album:            The Yes Album  1971 (A)

Loneliness is a pow'r that we possess to give or take away forever.
All I know can be shown by your acceptance of the fact there shown before you.
Take what I say in a diff'rent way and it's easy to see
        that this is all confusion.
As I see a new day in me, I can also show if you and you may follow.
Speak to me of summer, long winters longer than time can remember,
Setting up of other roads, travel on in old accustomed ways.
I still remember the talks by the water, the proud sons and daughters that,
In the knowledge of the land, spoke to me in sweet accustomed ways.