Track Title:               Love Me Like A Man

Album Title:               The Bonnie Raitt Collection
Prime Artist:              Bonnie Raitt
Producer:                  Michael Cuscuna
Written by:                Chris Smither

From the Album:            Give It Up  1972 (A)
The men that I've been seeing
well they got their soul up on a shelf
you know they could never love me
cuz they can't even love themselves
But I want someone to love me
baby I want one to understand
Won't put himself above me
Who can love me like a man
I never seen such losers
even though I tried
Find a mind to take me home instead of
taking me for a ride
Baby, I use someone to care
Believe it when I tell you darlin'
you can love me like a man
Oh they want me to rock them
like my back ain't got no bone
I want a man whose gonna rock me
like my backbone was his own
baby, I want to wait until you can
Believe it when I tell you darlin'
You can love me like a man
Come home sad and lonely
Feel like I wanna cry
Come over here and hold me baby
and don't ever ask the reason why
I said I, I want a lover
Won't have to work to understand
Don't put yourself above me baby
Love me like a man