Track Title:               Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)

Album Title:               Mr. Happy Go Lucky
Prime Artist:              John Mellencamp    (John Cougar)
Producer:                  Michael Wanchic
Producer:                  Junior Vasquez

Producer:                  John Mellencamp    (John Cougar)
Written by:                George M. Green
Written by:                John Mellencamp    (John Cougar)

In a hand painted night, me and Gypsy Scotty are partners
At the Hotel Flamingo, wearing black market shoes
This loud Cuban band is crucifying John Lennon
No one wants to be lonely, no one wants to sing the blues

She's perched like a parrot on his tuxedo shoulder
Christ, what's she doing with him
She could be dancing with me
She stirs the ice in the glass with her elegant finger
I want to be what she's drinking, yeah, I just want to be

1-I saw you first, I'm the first one tonight
I saw you first, don't that give me the right
To move around in your heart
Everyone was looking
But I saw you first

On a moon spattered road in her parrot rebozo
Gypsy Scotty is driving his big long yellow car
She flies like a bird over his shoulder
She whispers in his ear, boy, you are my star
(repeat 1)

In the bone colored dawn, me and Gypsy Scotty are singin'
The radio is playing, she left her shoes out in the rain
He tells me a story about some girl he knows in Kentucky
He just made that story up, there ain't no girl like that
(repeat 1)

But I saw you first
Yeah, yeah, yeah