Track Title:               Here I Stand Before Me

Album Title:               God Shuffled His Feet
Prime Artist:              Crash Test Dummies
Producer:                  Jerry Harrison
Producer:                  Crash Test Dummies

Written by:                Brad Roberts

My doctgor told me that if was time for me to have my X ray
Of course, I had many nightmares about that fatal day
The room was dark and my skeleton was floating on the wall
My voice trembles inside me
I'm trapped way down in my body
I,I,I oh here I stand before me
But something's out of place here
My mind's eye is missing from my body
Well I know it's there but I can't see where
Well take my fingers, what do finders really mean to me?
You can easily look them up in the dictionary:
They call them digits, or technically they're known as the "philanges"
My joints connected up inside me
Way down deep inside my body
My boned shine brightly, a map of my whole body
My vital organs just churn away inside me
Some day they're going to stop this motion
And I'll be left with...
My my, the future lay before me
Hey hey, deep inside my body