Track Title:               Hell To Pay
Album Title:               Longing In Their Hearts
Prime Artist:              Bonnie Raitt

Producer:                  Bonnie Raitt
Producer:                  Don Was
Written by:                Bonnie Raitt
He mister, we want you to
We think you've taken this
about as far
As it can go
It's about to blow
You got nwohere to run
Why don't you sit back and
watch the show

Used to drop your little darlin'
off at
Sunday School
Family values while you're gettin'
Behind the pool
She's nobody's fool
So don't be actin' surprised
when your daughter
Wants it bad as you

You jack up the rent, you call in
a loan
Clear your intent is to screw 'em
out of all
They own
Throw the dog a bone
Well you'll be cryin' for mercy
when your karma
Calls you
On the Phone

Times are hard...Ain't it a bitch
Japanese are makin' you twitch
All your investments are turnin'
Kinda spoils your happy hour

Look around, we're comin' your
It's a wonder to us how you
ever thought you'd
Get away
What you say
Well, the way it looks from here
You won't have to wait
The way it looks from here

No need to hesitate
Have a party celebrate
The way it looks from here
You won't have to wait for hell
to pay....