Track Title:               I've Got To Sing A Torch Song
Album Title:               Portrait of Bing Crosby
Prime Artist:              Bing Crosby     (Harry Lillis C.)

Lyrics by:                 Al Dubin
Music by:                  Harry Warren
From the Film:             Gold Diggers of 1933  (F)

A clown can laugh when he's unhappy,
Sometimes I wish I were a clown.
I'd like to sing away my sorrow,
Ev'ry sorrow, ev'ry frown.
A lively jingle never cheers me,
I sing of love, but no one hears me.

I've got to sing a torch song,
For that's the way I feel;
When I feel a thing,
Then I can sing,
It must be real.
I couldn't sing a gay song,
It wouldn't be sincere,
I could never croon
A happy tune
Without a tear.
I have my dreams, but one by one,
They vanish in the sky;
I try to smile and face the sun,
But romance passes by.
I've got to sing a torch song
To someone far apart,
For the torch I bear
Is burning there,
Right in my heart.