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Most of the following information came from a "Brace Family Tree"that Barry J. Kenney put out at Christmas,1989. He in turn credits the writings of Venner Edmunds Brace.

The Origin of the Name Brace

The name of Brace, Bracey, Bracy is believed to have been used by its first bearers because their home was a place in the Province called Bresior Breciin Normandy, France. The name is found in early European, well as American records, spelled in various ways; the most commonly used spelling in America was Bracey, Bracy, and Brace. Some early American records use different spellings of Brace in the same document.

The earliest records in England show an Adulphus de Braci who accompanied William the Conquerer in the conquest of England in 1066 AD. Records of Robert de Brasey show in English records also in the 12th century, and of Ralph Bracy in 1332 AD. In the 15th century a Richard Bracey is on record.

The first of the name in New England was a Thomas Bracy, or Bracie;who settled in Ipswich, Mass. in 1635, but his records are not complete.

Our Early Brace Ancestor in New England

Stephen Brace, or Bracey, from whom the folks on this page are descended, first settled in Swanzey, Mass. and came from England, near London. He was a felt hatter by trade. Since Hartford, Conn. enjoyed more religious toleration at that time than the very strict puritanism of Massachusetts, Stephen Brace moved and landed by boat at New Haven, Conn. in 1660. He took up land as a farmer at Hartford, Conn., where he prospered and acumulated a sizeable estate for those days.

  • Stephen Brace I (1644 - 1692), born in London, England married Elizabeth______in 1666. Settled in Swanzea, Plymouth Colony, MA - 1667. Moved to Hartford, CT - 1669; and had 3 sons and 4 daughters. Died 31 Aug 1692, Hartford, Connecticut.

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