Peach / Peachey et al Genealogy

John Harding Peach of contacted me in the summer of 1998 on his quest to ferret out the genealogy of the Peach family name, and his desire to spread the news of what he'd discovered. He has published a newsletter on the subject for many years, and is expanding his scope to e-mail distrubution. Herewith are copies of the newsletters, as they arrive.

Map of United Kingdom showing Counties (310 KBytes) - John's Newsletters often refer to UK Counties.

Photos of Nether Hall- Miche Peach provided these; this hall has some significance for the Peach / Peachey clan.

Peach Books and T-Shirts for sale- John Harding Peach has some genealogy books and whimsical t-shirts for sale.

Peach coat of arms- I understand there are several, this is one.

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